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I learned so much!

I listened to Jimbo’s episode with shamanic practitioner John Moore and felt like my worldview was opened! I’ve been curious about shamanism for some time and Jimbo did a fantastic job of asking all the right questions to give me a full understanding of what shamanism is, how to ensure you’re working with a reputable one, and how they differ from psychics. I found the episode fascinating and I’m looking forward to diving into more modalities. There’s so much to the world that we don’t know and this podcast is doing a fantastic job and bringing them to light!


I am feeling tons of love and gratitude for you! Thank-you Theresa Reed for getting me here as a new listener. Theresa

Jimbo Paris has a great Podcast Show!

The Jimbo Paris Show is chock full of value and insights! I'm a new listener and just had the opportunity to be a featured guest on the show as well:) I thoroughly enjoyed our podcast conversation about how you can overcome failure, fear, and doubt, and enable the courage and confidence to live your dream life now, and I look forward to sharing your show with my following. Thanks Jimbo and team!