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Nov. 4, 2021

Jimbo Paris Show #51- Release the Past and Heal the Present (Marlene Kriston)

Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #51- Release the Past and Heal the Present (Marlene Kriston)

If you have been curious about your past life or your life’s purpose, this episode is perfect for you!


“Do not shut yourself down. Do not feel afraid. If you feel a calling, if you’re drawn in anything particular, learn more about it. Discover what it means for you.”

– Marlene Kriston


Marlene Kriston is a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, and Energy Healer. She is an energy intuitive and practices heart light connection.


She uses a unique approach to Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression sessions by intuitively incorporating energy healing and Ho’oponopono to clear the energy field, transmute any cords or attachments and infuse self-love.


She has an extensive background and training in energy healing. She is a Certified Crystal Healer, Master of Crystal Reiki, Usui Reiki, Shamballa Reiki and Lightarian Reiki, Marconics & IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) certified. Marlene is a member of the IPHM, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


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