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Oct. 8, 2021

Jimbo Paris Show #43- Self Discovery through Astrology and Intuitive Guidance (Annie Larson)

Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #43- Self-Discovery through Astrology and Intuitive Guidance. (Annie Larson)

This episode will lead us to our life’s purpose with the unique abilities of our Guest to assist others on their paths of self-discovery.


“I am here to help guide you and offer clarity through your shifts in perception and transformation or to reconnect you with your loved ones in spirit.”

– Annie Larson


Annie Larson provides intuitive counseling using her innate abilities as a psychic medium. She was featured on television, radio, podcasts, magazines and most recently the Washington Post newspaper.

Certified in Hellenistic Astrology, Annie's horoscopes are published in metropolitan magazines and have been in several international publications. Romper Magazine, with an audience of over 84 million readers, chose Annie as one of the best astrologers to contribute to their 2020 horoscopes publication.


Her passion is to bring healing and closure through readings and help others hone their intuitive voice through her extensive development and mentoring classes. She has many tools to help you find peace through readings, Reiki and sound energy healing.


Find your life’s purpose through astrology and fulfill your goals through life coaching with intuitive guidance.


Book with Annie now, visit https://www.mediumannielarson.com/ for more services offered.


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