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Oct. 1, 2021

Jimbo Paris Show #41- Consciousness Survives the Physical Death (Robert Ginsberg)

Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #41- Consciousness Survives the Physical Death (Robert Ginsberg)

In this episode, you will discover that some people have the ability to communicate with non-physical entities and that there are different types of mediumships they practice today.


“The irony will be striking as we come to realize that our ancestors, who we once referred to as primitive thinkers, were actually guides that tried their best to keep us on the right track.”

– Robert Ginsberg


Robert Ginsberg started researching the evidence for survival of consciousness soon after his daughter died in 2002. Devastated by the loss, he needed science to tell him if she still existed in some form.


In 2004 Robert and his wife, Phran, founded Forever Family Foundation (https://www.foreverfamilyfoundation.org/), a global not for profit that educates the public about evidence that we are more than our physical bodies.


Robert hosts the Signs of Life radio show, is past editor of Signs of Life Magazine, heads the foundation’s Medium Evaluation Certification Program, writes a blog at https://www.beyondthefivesenses.com/., and is the author of The Medium Explosion.


Sadly, Phran Ginsberg, Robert’s wife passed to the Spirit Realm September 22, 2020. She created and directed every one of Forever Family Foundation’s services and programs. She cannot possibly ever be replaced, but they carry on in her honor and feel her presence as Forever Family Foundation continue the work. She was and continues to be a force of nature who left this world a better place.


Robert, Phran and the foundation are currently featured in the Netflix Documentary Series - Surviving Death.


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