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Sept. 2, 2021

Jimbo Paris Show #33- Hope to Stroke Survivors (Marcia Moran)

Welcome to The Jimbo Paris Show #33- Hope to Stroke Survivors (Marcia Moran)

In this episode we will be given the chance to understand deeper what a stroke survivor is going through.


“If you are a stroke survivor, never give up. There has got to be some way somewhere.”


Marcia Moran is the expert to interview! Marcia Moran knew nothing about how to get “whole” after her stroke in 2014. She spent the next six years learning the answers to her particular stroke.

She had aphasia, a communication disorder that, if not cured by the second or third month of recovery, it is almost impossible to overcome. She nearly conquered it three-and-a-half-years poststroke, proving that you can sometimes find a different answer to your particular problem if you continue to look.

Marcia also had weakness on her right side, and the physical therapists did an excellent job guiding her through therapy while insurance lasted. But then what? She still wasn’t whole. She had to find her own way. Her way was writing the book Stroke FORWARD.


One step at a time,

Visit https://www.strokeforward.com/ and take action!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StrokeForward


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