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July 28, 2021

Jimbo Paris Show #23- Reaching out with the Master Palmist. (Myrna Lou Goldbaum)

Welcome to Jimbo Paris Show #23- Reaching out with the Master Palmist. (Myrna Lou Goldbaum).

In this episode you can have the opportunity to learn more about Palmistry and how Palmistry helped other people strive.


Myrna Lou teaches classes in Palmistry with an insightful explanation of the lines and symbols on the palm and is accurate, compassionate and listens. The modality employed is referred to as Asian Palmistry. Her palmistry services have been booked for parties, private and corporate groups and for individual readings. Entertainer, guest lecturer, can hold seminars and workshops, is a participant in numerous psychic fairs and has been a guest on radio and television programs nationally. She has corresponded with people in 93 countries for palm readings. Currently the only Master Palmist in the world who can guest on a radio show and read palms live from scanned computer palm prints. She is a vendor in Psychic Fairs, Book Fairs and in Trade Shows and works for entertainment Agencies at corporate events.


Official website : https://www.myrnalou.com

Email her at palmist@myrnalou.com and don’t be shy to tell her that you’ve watched or you’ve listened to this interview with Jimbo Paris and get 50% OFF on readings!


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