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July 20, 2021

Jimbo Paris Show #20- Overcoming Shame-Guilt. Reclaiming Self-Love. (Lois Hollis)

Welcome to Jimbo Paris Show #20- Overcoming Shame-Guilt. Reclaiming Self-Love (Lois Hollis).

In this episode you’ll identify and understand that everyone of us have our own Shame-Guilt, and this Shame-Guilt when identified will help us know ourselves more, overcome it, and excel from it.

Lois Hollis RN BSN REV volunteered as a nurse’s aide at 12. Her desire to understand and heal the body continues at 77 as a ShameGuilt Educator, Counselor, and now Filmmaker. Depression, anxiety, anger, and fears Lois even fixes our tears. Teens with low self-esteem, adults without hope Her work keeps all of us afloat. For decades Lois told people they have no crime Shameguilt Stoppers can reclaim self-love to shine.

Get FREE 15 minutes talk and Grab free eBooks on her official website : https://www.loishollis.com/

We are also encouraging you to join her Private Facebook Group – Shameguilt Stoppers and have a better relationship, peace with the past and enjoy life!

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