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June 30, 2021

Jimbo Paris Show #16- Imagination to Reality’s Success (Marieke Lexmond)

Welcome to Jimbo Paris Show #16- Imagination to Reality’s Success (Marieke Lexmond). In this episode you’ll discover how an Author and a Writer started and become successful in turning her imaginations to Best Selling books in stores.

Marieke Lexmond  is the author of the new book THE MAGICAL TAROT DECK, Book 2 of the MADIGAN CHRONICLES and founder of the UNDER THE WITCHES HAT website, ewstore and online community. She reads tarot cards, loves food, photography, and travel. Marieke Lexmond has three sassy little dogs that she likes to take everywhere and have their own Instagram account @urbandogsquad. Her impressive background in filmmaking enabled her to travel and live around the globe. Storytelling is in her blood, from saving her allowance from a very young age to buy books to her master's degree from the Dutch Film Academy. Fantasy and science fiction are her favorite. She prefers to write fun and mystical stories.

Her attraction to nature and places with a magical history brought her to New Orleans and the West Coast of Ireland. As a pagan, she felt an instant connection to the land; it feeds her imagination and has become the inspiration for the Madigan Chronicles.

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