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Oct. 18, 2021

Get in Touch with Yourself Again - Fatima C. Oliver

Get in Touch with Yourself Again - Fatima C. Oliver

Life can do an unexpected blow. Life is tricky that no matter how well we are doing in one area, we can be really drowning in another that we become emotionally vulnerable in trying to survive.

Here’s another interesting episode on Self Improvement that everybody would relate to.

This episode is about changing the dynamics of your future by doing the things to further improve yourself.


Your Emotional Safe House.

We will all agree with Fatima C. Oliver, saying that everybody deserves a place that they can feel vulnerable but not feel judged. Go to the people that accepts you despite what your life looks like and share to them your desperation. Be open to what’s on your mind, share your dark thoughts and express your fearful views.



Look at your past. Recognize your pain. Recognize the reason why there is pain.



Make a determination to release the pain because you don’t want to live with it anymore. Then you can slowly start regaining yourself.

You cannot heal what you do not see and you cannot fix what you do not acknowledge. Look on it as an opportunity to change or make a decision to not.


Fatima believes that God and faith comes in the amidst and make transformations.  She believes that all the horrible things that happened to her don’t have to depict her life. It doesn’t have to depict the future. And that is also what Fatima would like us to realize. There had to be something better, we do not know what is it yet but there has to be something better out there and by faith we’ll figure it out.

“It is the belief that will get you through than not knowing, to be able to keep pushing. “

“God is above all god. He is our Savior.”

Jimbo Paris Show #37- Acceptance, Self-discovery and Soul Healing. (Fatima Oliver)


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