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Nov. 16, 2021

Find Faith and Belief in all aspects.

Find Faith and Belief in all aspects.

The advocacy of Jill Riley is indeed interesting specially for those who are struggling with mental illness. Jill Riley promotes a healthy view of mental health.

She spent all her time working hard not knowing that it is already about masking complex PTSD, anxiety and depression, compensating by being a workaholic. She was then separating the negativity of her childhood by keeping her self busy, but emotionally did not outrun the negative effects of it, the struggle of abandonment, feeling alone and sadness.


Evangelical Church dealt with mental illness in a way that is not always been positive. There are a lot of dialogues that is happening in the church that are really damaging to those struggling with mental illness. Her commitment is to look at faith and mental health not just in an Evangelical Christian aspect because she believes that there are people who find their faith and belief in all different aspects of life. Making it positive by just talking about the state of our mental health.


Jill believes that the more we talk about it, and the more we hold it, the more friendly it becomes. They use to say, “Secrets make you sick.” and if we hold mental illness as a secret, it’s just making us sick. The more we bring it out to the end of the light and talk about it, the better off we are.


“Human suffering is real and people are innately flawed and will afflict on other people, damaging behaviors.  God is present both in our suffering and in our healing. It’s a mystery on how God interacts with us.”

-  Jill Riley


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